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The ITOP Group is managed controlled by its founders, all of whom are passionate about innovation and technology. Bringing a wide range of skills to the table, they form a cohesive and dynamic team which creates a powerful framework for success. Associes_groupe_ensemble_web_610

Group chairman


A Computer Engineering graduate from Polytech Paris Sud (ex FIIFO), specialising in new information technologies, Hervé BORREDON is the founder and Chairman of the group.

Passionate about both IT and education, he founded his first company very early in his career. With recognised expertise in the development of digital solutions for schools, he has an innovative vision, both in terms of the development of the group and the design of new products and services.

Since 2002 he has also held the position of associate professor at the Institut Universitaire et Technologique d’Orsay. He speaks regularly at national and international conferences.

Nicolas COLLET
Associate Director and co-founder


With a Masters in Engineering from MIAGE d’Orsay, Nicolas COLLET has for the past 10 years been an expert in Microsoft technologies. Providing leadership in Research and Development for the subsidiary ITOP éducation, he is the architect of all of the company’s products.

Heavily involved in the industrial development of software solutions, his constant goal is to provide users with a quality service. The General Manager of ITOP éducation, he is responsible for the formidable growth of the subsidiary and its position as the French leader in Digital Work Environments.

He is active in various different communities (Microsoft expert, DWE working group, standards development etc.).

Associate Director and co-founder


With extensive experience in web development gained from over 10 years as a developer and technical project manager, Cedric Fournier provides technical management for the subsidiary ITOP services.

During the past number of years, he has expanded his skills to include human resource management and currently holds the position of Human Resource Manager and Facilities Manager for the entire group.

Yannick JOLY
Associate Director and co-founder


With over 15 years of experience, first as a sales manager and then as a marketing manager in new technologies, he coordinates the sales and marketing policy of the group.

A very creative individual with a passion for innovation in marketing, he is responsible for the key original initiatives with regard to the group’s communication policy (lipdub, Facebook, Twitter etc.)

General Manager of the subsidiary ITOP services, he brings his experience and expertise to help clients innovate using new technology.

Associate Director


An Engineering Graduate from CESI, Bertrand Lelimousin developed his project management skills working with large companies. He is Deputy General Manager of the subsidiary ITOP éducation and is responsible for the management of the company and overseeing all deployment projects.

Rigorous and methodical, he supports the group in its development activities by coordinating the development of the organisation and the implementation of processes and procedures. Very responsive to user requirements, he gets involved with schools to provide users with solutions that meet their requirements. .