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History and Evolution


The group’s history began in 1993. Hervé Borredon, Chairman of the group, was a final year secondary school student, specialising in Information Technology. His final year project led to the creation of Helpschool, a school management software package. What was the risk? None really… Hervé’s father was a school principal and regularly spoke about the difficulties he encountered at work. The project was a success. Hervé was even rewarded and praised by his own principal for having created this software package. Hervé then went on to study computer engineering at higher level. He completed the development of his software package in order to bring it to market. Helpschool changed its name to Geprim software. With a number of other students, including Bertrand Lelimousin who later became an Associate Director of the ITOP Group, he created his first company in 1994: EducInfo. That was the beginning of this unexpected adventure…

They sold 200 units of the software which was too little to ensure the survival of the young company. The low percentage of computer equipment in schools was a barrier to sales. Hervé then found an alternative solution: EducInfo must turn towards a more lucrative activity to help fund software development aimed at the education sector, for example integrating low-cost PCs, thus adapting to school budgets by offering the first computer at less than 5,000 French Francs (approximately €760), called the “Éduconome”! Still a student at the time, Hervé studied by day and dedicated all his time to his business at night, hiring his first employee, Yannick JolyIn 1996, as part of his studies, Hervé carried out work experience with the publisher Jeriko, a specialist in educational multimedia. While working there, he met three of the current ITOP éducation team members, including Michèle Barrière, now an Associate Director of ITOP éducation.

In 1997, the company became Axialys Networks and recruited Cedric Fournier as a trainee, who is now also an Associate Director of the ITOP Group.

In 1998 when he graduated, Hervé carried out work experience in his own company. Gradually, the activity related to the supply of computer equipment was abandoned in favour of new and emerging technologies: Internet and mobile telephony.

In 2000, the company was absorbed by a group and became Axialys Interactive, a service provider for Jeriko. Hervé hired an apprentice: Nicolas Collet, who is currently an Associate Director of the ITOP Group.

Two years later, there was a difference of opinion in relation to business strategy and in 2003, Hervé – more committed to the development of solutions for the education sector – established the ITOP Group.

ITOP and Jeriko built a strong partnership and combined their skills to develop Digital Work Environments (DWE). Microsoft also became a preferred partner of ITOP éducation for the development of DWEs.

In 2005, ITOP won its first tenders, first for testing and then for the generalisation of its software. ITOP éducation positioned itself as a market leader and became a key player in the education sector.

In 2007, ITOP created Office School Manager ®, the successor to Geprim, and became the first software to be vertically integrated with Microsoft Office ®.

In 2011, ITOP was restructured into a group with 3 subsidiaries and 57 employees.

In 2013, ITOP celebrates his 10th birthday

History, emotion, key moments…
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