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Values & Commitments


Under the leadership of its founders, the ITOP Group has been built and developed around pioneering decisive values in the context of sustainable development. Combined with a dynamic and innovative management team, these values ensure the sustainable development of the group, in line with its ambitions.

Respect for the environment

Management of energy consumption

  • Use of «Green« IT equipment
  • Switching off computers when not in use (at night, on weekends etc.)
  • Optimisation of air conditioning, heating and lighting systems

Control of paper consumption

  • Limiting the printing of documents
  • Optimising the distribution of sales documentation
  • Ongoing study with regard to dematerialisation

Sorting and recycling of waste (paper, cartridges, batteries, IT equipment etc.)


Jobs & work experience

  • Hiring of new graduates (over 50% of the group’s new hires), accompanied by a coaching programme
  • Acceptance of trainees (with educational projects) and welcome charter for trainees
  • Hiring of apprentices (with a view to integrating them into the Group), accompanied by the appropriate support processes
  • Use of specialised employment centres (ESAT)
  • Partnerships with educational institutions (IUT d’Orsay)
  • Support for thesis work (PhD students at LISEC – Laboratoire Interuniversitaire des Sciences de l’Education et de la Communication)


Quality of work and development of human resources

Friendly working environment

  • Modern equipment and software (renewed every 3 years)
  • Ergonomic assessment of workstations (choice of keyboard/mouse and workspace layout for each employee)
  • New offices and equipment
  • Employee-friendly services (relaxation room, cafe, free drinks etc.)

Involvement of all actors within the enterprise

  • Annual seminar linking communication with conviviality
  • Communication of general information
  • Openness to dialogue and suggestions

Long-term investment to build lasting relationships

  • Regular training
  • Progressively increased autonomy/greater responsibility (annual review)
  • Ability to adapt to specific personal issues
  • Preferential social policy (“ticket restaurant” vouchers, savings scheme, mutual health insurance, pension etc.)

Health & safety in the workplace

  • Implementation and maintenance of safety systems (alarms, access, fire-fighting equipment etc.)
  • Implementation and maintenance of safety systems (alarms, access, fire-fighting equipment etc.)
  • Protection against risks (addiction, economic intelligence etc.)


Innovation et R&D

Innovation is part of the Group’s DNA which is committed to pragmatic research and development with a view to developing user-friendly solutions that can be easily adopted by users at the expense of pure technological innovation.

Since its establishment, the group has invested over €2.5 million in R&D, in excess of 20% of turnover (€825,000 in 2012) and has a team representing more than one-third of the workforce dedicated to innovation.

Innovation is an everyday activity within the ITOP Group. It can also be seen in the group’s communication, marketing, management, business offering, management, organization and customer relations activities… in order to offer original and efficient solutions and services to its clients.

The ITOP Group is supported in its development by all of the public actors that promote innovation in business:

  • OSEO
  • Centre Francilien de l’Innovation
  • Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de l’Essonne
  • Conseil Régional d’Ile de France
  • Direction Régionale de la Recherche et de la Technologie


Involvement in local activities

  • Fête des entreprises (Business Open Day) initiative organised by companies based in the Saclay plateau
  • Active member of Cap Digital
  • Member of the Club Conseil Essonne
  • Member of the Centre Francilien de l’Innovation (Paris Region Innovation Centre)
  • Privileged links with educational
  • institutions located in the plateau

  • Priority given to local suppliers